Thursday, February 23, 2012

Homework? On the first day?!

As you know, I recently finished a 90 day beachbody challenge.  I spent 90 days jumping and kicking and dancing my way through Chalene Johnson's Turbofire workout!  I have to admit, I HATED this workout at first.  I am about as white as they come, and there was dancing in this!  ick!  But I knew a girl who lost 60 pounds in those 90 days and I was determined to keep at it.  Eventually I learned all the moves, and began not dreading it as bad.  After finishing, I don't think I will use this workout again, only because I don't think it was my "soulmate" workout.  I did some insanity afterwards and fell in love with the Shawn T's workout.  Lookout world, I will be going "insane" in some months time.  

Unfortunately, I did not lose a single pound on turbofire.  But I did feel like the workouts were helping me greatly.  I noticed my cardio endurance skyrocketed, and I was able to run 6-8 miles without stopping.  Ive had some issues with exhaustion recently, so i've held wayyy back on these kinds of workouts, but when i get my energy back I will be continuing to workout at a lighter pace.

Though I didn't love turbofire, I loved Chalene Johnson.  I found her to be completely inspiring, and motivating. I began following her on facebook and really liked the bits of advice she gave.  I finally gave in and bought her new book, "Push."  I began reading, and really am enjoying it so far.  I know many people who have changed their lives with it and i'm determined to be one of those people.  

This book promises 30 days to a new you.  That could be in any aspect of your life, but she stresses that once you get certain things in order, others seem to just fall into place.  Today was day 1 of my 30 day "push."  I soon discovered that I will be getting homework!  And tonights homework consisted of creating some priority lists.  At the end of the assignment, I was asked to come up with a "Top priority clarity statement."  This is a statement that helps shape the rest of this 30 day push.  I came up with my priorities and formed a statement based on my number one priority at the time.  Here is my statement!

Here's to pushing through the next 29 days!