Friday, October 22, 2010

Update on Dima

So I am of course the one to always write in this, even though it is the blog for BOTH Dima and I. Since Dima is away, there is never much to update on him. But I figured i'd write a quick blog about what he's been up to while deployed with the 31st MEU.
So I am not sure what i can and cannot talk about on here... of course i cant give dates or ideas of where he is going... heck i don't really know to be honest.
I do know he was bobbing around the water for awhile out there. He then went to the philippines for awhile and was supposed to be there still. It was then that a typhoon came to the philippines. The MEU moved out of the way of the typhoon into safe waters and then went there to do disaster relief. I have had trouble getting info on what is going on, but I did find this article that said this:
A US Marine from the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit based in Okinawa carries a sack of relief supplies for loading into a U.S. Marines CH-46E transport helicopters at a military airport in Cauayan township, for the three coastal towns of Isabela province which remains isolated due to typhoon Megi Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010 in northeastern Philippines. The U.S. troops here for an annual naval military exercise were diverted for relief operation after Typhoon Megi, the strongest typhoon to hit the country this year, ravaged Isabela and nearby provinces on Monday.

I also stumbled upon this photo on the MEU's facebook page... this is the helo dima flies in and i am positive he was in it when this photo was taken! sure do wish i could see him in the photo!photo.php.jpg

Well, that's all I know, and all I can discuss on him!