Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An Indian/Japanese/Italian/American evening!

This week, I am 24 weeks along and the baby is the size of an ear of corn. To keep with the Halloween theme this month, I decided to show that with an ear of Indian corn. This is taken along the seawall. there was a beautiful sunset going on, but unfortunately you cannot see that in these photos. Sorry! This is why I need a better camera! (i just ordered one today!)
we thought this was fitting! the baby graffiti next to the woman with a baby in her belly! I am def. looking very pregnant here. My belly normally does NOT look this big. I notice the baggy maternity clothes make me appear bigger then I really am. There really was a beautiful sunset, but i couldn't capture it in any of the photos! bummer!
Wow do I look big here! I wish these photos showed what i really looked like!

After taking my 24 week belly photo, some friends and I headed to Bella Napoli- a pizza restaurant I have been dying to try for months now! I wish Dima could have come with me, we will have to go when he returns. He has been wanting to go to this place for awhile.
I find it so odd still how we can find so many different kinds of food, even in Japan. I mean who goes to Japan and eats pizza? Apparently we do!
The place was beautiful... right on the seawall with this beautiful view of the water!
our meals included salad (we got an italian salad for my table of 4), garlic chicken (wayyyyyy too many spices and garlic... it was disgusting!), and teriyaki chicken, then the pizza of our choice. I ordered the curry pizza (without tuna) and it was pretty good. I will have to go back again to try this place with Dima. It was pretty yummy, but a tad over priced.