Sunday, August 3, 2014

Touring the USS Midway

Though the weather was still not perfectly clear, we got out of the house today and headed to the USS Midway in San Diego.  It was the longest serving aircraft carrier of the 20th century, over 200,000 sailors have served on the carrier.  I have never been on a carrier before, so it was a learning experience for the boys and I.  

The museum was perfect for the boys because it was very interactive.  There were buttons to press, and even rides.  Z Step got to go on a virtual ride with daddy and was so excited.  

Z step is at the bottom testing out some seats.  He insisted on wearing a seatbelt.  When the first one was broken he had to find one that wasn't.  

Z Step was very excited to see the yellow plane on his ticket.  

this was glass that you could look down at and see the engine
After the rides and some exploring it was time for lunch.  They boys devoured their food, as always, and went to explore the flight deck.  
Z Step waiting on his food.  I love this photo!

Recognize this?  This is what hubby flew in when he was deployed on the Essex.  We couldn't leave the museum without buying a toy for the boys
We then went downstairs to explore some of what life aboard the ship was like.  
Some of the details in the ship
We are enjoying being semi-close to a lot of fun things, and this trip was a reminder of that.  We made great friends, and the boys had a blast.  We look forward to exploring San Diego a little more in future visits.  I liked it much better than Santa Monica and Los Angeles, that's for sure.