Saturday, September 6, 2014

Peter Pan Theme Night

After our recent half marathon in Disneyland, we started getting really excited for our trip to Disney in October.  Running through the park and not getting to go on rides?  A tease!  Luckily, our trip is just around the corner.  
I realized quickly that the boys have not seen most of the older Disney movies.  They love Mickey, and lots of the more recent Disney movies, but they haven't seen a lot of the ones we watched as kids.  So I decided to make a weekly movie night to gear up for the big mouse trip.  
Our first movie was Peter Pan.  I was obsessed with the broadway version of this movie when I was a kid, but hadn't seen it in many years.  Probably about 20 to be honest.  I think you could say that I was just as excited!  
We prepared by talking about the movie to Z Step.  Pirates, mermaids, lost boys, a boy who can fly- how can you go wrong in the eyes of a 3 year old?!  He was so excited for our special movie night.  I got him really excited by having a treasure hunt in our neighborhood first.  I drew up a map, and we headed out the door for the lost treasure! 
RRRRrrr you ready for a treasure hunt?  
 Our first stop was to see our shadows.  Z Step was familiar with his shadow already, because we learned about shadow puppets in our homeschooling last month.  He loves watching his shadow!

Our next step was to pretend to be pirates on our way to Neverland.  Neverland was the dog park.  I think people must have thought we were nuts walking down there.  We were yelling "RRR!" while he was dressed as a pirated, me as a fairy, and with 2 large dogs (we were pet sitting).  Eventually we made it to Neverland, and we played a bit there.  We even pretended the dogs were Nana.  

Captain Z Step

The boys checking on the water for Nana

Captain Daddy Step

Mommy pretending to fly.  Z Step thought if I had wings I could fly.  I think he was disappointed when I didn't.  

We put on our dog pirate shirt Baba gave him.  It changes colors in the sun- just like magic!  He was really excited.

Silly faces

E Step thought we looked crazy.  He spent most of the time  exploring alone.  
 We made it home for our homemade pizza night.  The dough I made wasn't the best, but we still attempted to make our pirate ship pizzas.  I also made some homemade oat balls that were supposed to be cannonballs.  I forgot to take a photo
Next it was time for the movie.  The boys have to have popcorn while watching a movie, so popcorn was made, and we were nice and comfy on the couch!  

Z step loved the movie.  He has been begging me to watch it again.  I am so happy that I got to see it too!  I love this story.  Daddy Step and I ended up watching Hook just a few days later.  

The following night, Daddy was on duty, so I let Z Step have a special Mommy/Son date.  We decided to watch another disney movie of his choice.  He picked Mulan.  I don't think he was too crazy about it, but you can't compare Mulan to Peter Pan.  Peter Pan is a classic that is very much a boy movie.  

We look forward to watching another Disney movie soon!