Friday, July 25, 2014

An interview with Z Step

Today is Z Step's half birthday.  In honor of that, I decided to snap a few photos and give him a mini interview.  I had seen the idea on pinterest numerous times, but always felt like he was a bit too young for them.  Today I learned that he is absolutely old enough now.  I hope to continue these every 6 months.  We had a ton of fun with these questions.  He was laughing and telling me funny things about each question.  I can't wait to see how they change in the years to come.  

While doing this interview, I learned so much about my child.  I already knew that he loved grapes, and he has been telling me his favorite color is green for 2 months now.  I wonder how many times that will change before he turns 4?  

I am pretty sure that the only reason he said that Mommy was the coolest person on earth was because I was asking the questions.  Usually when I ask who he loves he answers with all of our names.  He doesn't choose favorites.  Though if I am asking him to do something he usually runs to Daddy, and visa versa.  

I was fascinated that he said firetrucks are his favorite toy.  He has this huge firetruck that he chases the dog around the house with.  It was packed with our things in May, and he hasn't seen it since.  We haven't talked about it either.  I can't believe he still remembers.  I hope I didn't get rid of it during the move.  I really hate when he chases the dog around the house with that thing.  He usually runs my feet over in the process.  

When he answered that he made messes as a baby I couldn't stop laughing.  For one, he was never much of a messy boy.  He must see his brother making messes and think he did that too.  Now, when his brother makes a mess (dumping all the legos out) Z Step gets mad and yells at him.  It is quite funny.  He usually cleans up after him, and then when he does it again he cries.  

Z Step is obsessed with his space book right now.  It is an advanced book for his age, but he loves learning about the planets.  His favorite is Saturn because it has rings that are icy.  He also loves learning about Neptune, which is the windiest planet.  He opens the book and points to all the planets and tells me about them.  I will teach him more about space in the future.  

When I asked what he wanted to be when he got bigger, I thought he would give me an occupation.  I was happy to hear he said bigger, because how cute is that?  I am sure he will be bigger when he grows up.  

We have been singing Herman the Worm for a week now.  He loves it.  His brother laughs the entire time, and they both lose it when I tell them that the worm burped.  It was one of my favorite songs at camp.  We have been talking about camping a lot lately.  We look forward to camping at Joshua Tree in the fall when he cools down.  

Both boys have always loved trains.  E Step is constantly saying "choo choo" even when he sees trucks.  I really hope to get them on a train soon.  Even if it is just 10 minutes.  

Finally, Z Step's favorite quote always cracks me up.  When you ask him how his day was?  "So Good!" How's your dinner Z Step?  "So Good!"  He really drags out the "So" part, which always cracks me up.  

I loved doing this, and snapping these photos.  I can't wait to do this again.  I think some of the questions will change as he gets older.  Now I just have to remember to do this!