Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Grandpa Steve's visit

Recently we have had many visitors come to see us before we leave Virginia.  Last week, Grandpa Steve came for a quick visit.  The boys were excited and surprised to come home from Connecticut to see him in our house.  I think they forgot to even say hi to me.  
Just like his last visit, Grandpa Steve brought the heat.  His last visit, it ended up being over 100 degrees and our AC went out.  This visit, it wasn't quite that hot, but it still got to over 95 degrees.  Luckily, our AC was working and we had other ways to cool off!  We spent Monday morning in Downtown Fredericksburg (gosh am I going to miss it!) and spent the afternoon playing outside in the sprinkler.  The boys hadn't seen the sprinkler in awhile, and they had a blast.  E Step thought it was so funny, and Z step had fun running around.  They got so much energy out, and just couldn't stop smiling.  Us too, because they were so cute running around.  
And it starts...

Love how happy they are!

My favorite photo of the day.  
Of course, we all had fun too.  Lots of smiling, laughing, and running around. The boys slept well that evening!
Running from Grandpa Steve

Cracking up with Daddy

The rest of Grandpa Steve's visit was spent busy.  We went to the indoor kid's play place to get some energy out followed by the playground for a picnic.  
At the playground for our picnic.  He loves picnics now!
We ended the visit with a visit to our favorite Brazilian restaurant.  Lots of wonderful meat and veggies, finished with some grilled pineapple.  We really are going to miss Virginia.  Having family close is great!
This was the best photo we got from our visit