Friday, August 20, 2010


Today was Dima's 25th birthday. I stayed up until midnight to wish him happy birthday as soon as it was officially his birthday. He was half awake so he didn't really sound too enthused I suppose. In the morning, I surprised him by having presents on his night stand for him. Apparently in his family, they would wake up to presents on their side table in the morning. My family always exchanged in the evening after dinner and cake. He was happy I remembered that and was excited to open them. I got him a very funny mad lib type card where you made your own story with the stickers included. It was a really cool card! He also received a digital camera so he can take photos on the MEU while he's away. It's no special camera, just a simple point and shoot camera, but to be honest I think that's all he needs. Not to mention the 2 year accidental damage warranty was a good investment! He was pretty happy with his new toy and can't wait to use it!

After I left there, I made dima's cake balls for his birthday. Cake balls were something I heard of online and decided to try to make. You basically make a cake, crumble it up, add icing, form balls, and dip them into chocolate. I did Dima's with funfetti cake and icing, his favorites. I did learn that next time, I will have to WAIT to add the sprinkles until it is all mixed. My balls came out kinda purple because the blue and red sprinkles mixed together. No pun intended there!

Dima came home early today, at 5 (wow!) so that we could swing around to the hospital with our neighbor to see the baby on the ultrasound. We made our way down there (after hours, so sneaky!) and got the machine out. We saw the baby, who is getting even bigger, and were even able to make out the bones. We saw the entire spine and legs and arms very clearly. He told us that the baby was looking great and everything was looking to be going well. He then tried to find out the gender of the baby. It took awhile, because the baby kept moving around and put it's hands between the legs to not let us see! FINALLY after pushing against my belly enough, we were able to get a shot of the top of the head, two spread apart legs, and a............................................

Yep! It's a boy! We couldn't be more excited about our little man. Dima was really crossing his fingers that it was a boy, I didn't really care one way or the other. So this made us both very happy, and was without a doubt the best birthday gift Dima could have asked for! Looks like we both guessed the gender right... now we need to wait for the day the baby is born to see who won our baby guessing game! For now, we will sit back and enjoy the happiness this has brought us!

After our very successful trip, we made our way to the seawall for some Greek Gyros! Dima LOVES Gyros so he picked this place for his dinner. We ordered some pita bread and hummus to start off with, which I wouldn't get again because it came with so little hummus it wasn't worth it. Dima got a beef Gyro, and I got a chicken Gyro. This was my first time having one, and it was pretty darn good. It came with fries that we both ended up throwing away though, they just had too much salt on them!

After Dinner we came home to sit in the front of the neighbor's house and enjoy the nice night. We ate cake balls (which were amazing thank you very much!) and hung around. Dima enjoyed a celebratory whisky and coke, and it was a very low key night, just what Dima likes.
All in all, I would like to say that Dima's 25th Birthday was a very successful one on both of our parts. It makes me excited that we will get to celebrate our birthday with our little one this time next year!