Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm tough!

Well this weekend was an interesting and somewhat scary one. On saturday morning at around 5:30 am we got a massive earthquake. We were both half awake because we had just got up to bring the puppy outside to go potty when all the sudden the house started to shake very badly. Dima, the sweet man he is, thought I was sleeping and didn't want me to wake up in the middle so he flung his arms around me to hold me so I wouldn't get scared. I won't lie, that did help, but it was still scary! I was starting to get scared the house would fall.
After this earthquake we had to get ready for our scuba class that morning. I kept assuring the Mr. it was cancelled, but he wasn't sure. Sure enough, the woman was right again. Our instructor tried to call, but since our phones were still not working, we never got the message. Upon coming home, we found out that thanks to that earthquake, a tsunami was going to happen. Luckily, that tsunami was not big, only about 1 foot.
Later that day is when we heard about Chile. When an earthquake comes, one big one comes, followed by an even bigger one and some aftershocks. Looks like Chile got the really big one.
That night, we decided we should go out to dinner to wrap up our mexican month! We had heard really good thing about this small place called Mike's Tex Mex. Well the reviews were totally right! YUM! We started out with a margarita. I asked for it on the rocks with no salt, and they told us they couldn't make it on the rocks because they actually make them from real fresh fruit. When it came out, it looked very different from the usual blueberry margarita! You could actually see the pieces of blueberry in it. I usually don't like margaritas, but this was so amazing!
After the margarita we ordered some chips. again... YUM! These were homemade and so amazing! The chips were so hot we actually burned ourselves! and the salsa was so amazing with just the right amount of garlic.

Then came our meals. I got some kind of california tortilla chicken wrap thing, and dima got one of the meal sets. It came with a burrito and a taco. The burrito was huge! Obviously, their meals looked and tasted amazing! We will be visiting again soon! I can't wait to have another one of those margaritas!

Thanks Mike's Tex Mex!

After that great night, we went to sleep in our bed only to wake up to big announcements on our base saying that a tsunami was coming at 3pm. These announcements went off about every 15 mintues all day until about 4pm! Eventually they started making evacuations. The evacuated lower foster and lester, which included old lester. Luckily, we are on new lester, so we were able to stay home and await this tsunami. Our friend Jenn was freaking out so we went over to check on her, and while we were there some marines came knocking on the door to evacuate her house too! We are so lucky to have been there to help her! I was able to get the kid, and she was able to pack some things up. You wouldn't believe the things she packed! We made our way up the hill to our house to find this:

A TSUNAMI PARTY! There were TONS of people up on our cul de sac waiting for this huge tsunami to hit! how crazy is that?! We waited and waited until around 4:30 and nothing happened. Finally at around 5, we heard that this huge tsunami had hit the east side of the island. It was only about 4 feet big. Craziness was for nothing! It was eventful weekend!
The following day, I went to Jenn's again to watch Harrison and the house while she went to the doctor. When she came home, harrison was running and didn't make the turn into the kitchen right and ran straight into the doorway. OUCH! it was horrible. Thankfully I was there to drive to the hospital. There was a lot of blood. He was a tough cookie and got 4 stiches.
To top these past days off, while sitting on the computer monday night, I looked down at the cat on my lap and realized she was missing more hair from her ears. Suddenly the "spider" bits on my face and belly button seemed to click in place. Turns out we all have ringworm. The cat has gotten worse, the dog has spots on him, and dima and I both have spots on ourselves too. Unfortunately, we can't handle it right now, and will have to give the cat back to OAARS soon.

What a week! but as Harrison would say, "I'm tough!"