Wednesday, January 27, 2010

An interesting day in Okinawa...

Today Neko had his first puppy play date. Our neighbor, Sarah, has an Oki mix dog named Kobe and she had planned a play date for him and another dog at her house through Okinawa Hai Society. She asked me to tag along, and I was so excited to get Neko out of my hair for a little bit! Caitlin brought her puppy, Gus (who she also got at puppy luv). Gus was a Golden Retriever who was about 4 months and so adorable! Him and Neko LOVED each other. Here is a photo of the two playing together.

Tonight was our second theme night dinner at home. We are sticking to the Japanese theme this week, so we decided to make Japanese Curry, miso soup, and japanese salad. We had a lot of trouble making the Miso at first because the directions were all in japanese, but it ended up being super easy and I will be making it again soon (I just love Miso!). Here are some pictures of what we did and didn't make tonight... you be the judge of what we actually cooked up!

Later tonight, after we were stuffed silly from all the wonderful food we had, Dima called me downstairs to see something. I came down to find a kitten on our chair playing with Neko! No joke! There was someone else's cat sitting on my living room chair playing with my puppy. After they played with each other for awhile, the kitten (Obi, the neighbor's cat) seemed to be going outside... nope... he walked straight up our stairs! I found him in our bedroom sniffing around, about to jump into our bed! He walked into our study and jumped on the window for awhile and watched as Neko tried to get up. I then carried him downstairs, only for him to sprawl out on my couch upside down and play with Neko again. Seriously, only in Okinawa can something so random happen in your home! This is the second random pet that has stopped into our house! We have only been here for 3 weeks and have already had 3 visits by two separate critters!

It was an interesting day here in Okinawa for both Neko and mommy! We both will be falling asleep very easily tonight!